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Cialis is mainly used to treat erectile dysfunction. This is a drug that is administered orally. The tablet is small, and you can buy Cialis online. This should be from one and a half to four hours before sexual intercourse. An hour before taking the pill is the ideal time. Buying Cialis is also effective in maintaining high blood pressure under control. The drug is effective in both cases because of the mechanism of action. Tadalafil helps to relax the muscles and increases the blood supply of a certain organ. That’s why the drug is effective for the above problems, and is also used by athletes to improve their effectiveness.
Cialis is not a drug that is prescribed in a fixed dose format. Since Generic Cialis is associated with sexual performance, it must be taken only before sexual intercourse. Thus, there are health problems in the absence of a dose.
Excessive consumption of Cialis can create health problems. If there is an overdose, it is important to immediately seek medical help. Usually, in such cases, the individual experiences dizziness, chest pain and anxiety. There may be nausea and some irregularities in the heartbeat.
Cialis can sometimes cause eye problems. Therefore people buy Cialis, who has problems with eye diseases, should be careful when taking the drug. Usually patients over the age of 50 must undergo a detailed medical examination before the doctor can prescribe the drug. As is always prescribed, patients must submit their controversial medical history before the doctors prescribe the drug. You should report any previous complications of erection. In addition, since Cialis can lead to irregular heartbeats, the patient should inform the doctor if they have a history of problems associated with an acute illness, or problems related to the kidney or liver.
Cialis online works not only in cases of erectile dysfunction, but also in those associated with blood pressure or hypertension. Therefore, interactions with drugs are likely to be several. Patients should inform the doctor about all other medications that they can take. This is done in order to avoid any interactions between the two drugs and subsequent complications.